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I promise,” why? Why do people promise you something when in the end they won’t be able to fulfill it? Why do people have to say that they promise when they aren’t sure whether or not they’d be able to get it done? Why do people even promise at all? Maybe promises are really made to be broken; that they’re just a pretty flower to beautify one’s sugar-y sweet sentence.

I still don’t get it. Why people have to break their promises or why they even have to make one when in the end, they’ll just talk shit. I still don’t get it. Why people have to say that they promise and leave the person they’ve sworn to all hurt and hopeful in the end. I still don’t get it. Why people have to promise, at all. But maybe life’s just crazy. To have someone break that one single word that leaves you devastated. One single word, it can either make or break you.

I guess that’s just life’s way of saying, “you have to trust no one but yourself” or maybe no one, not even yourself, at all. Let’s just keep in mind that no matter what life throws at us, or no matter how many promises we’ve been given and seeing none of those come to life, we have to keep going. Stop minding the pettiness of people saying the forsaken word, what matters is that you keep on going no matter how many times you’ve seen a broken promise before. You have to plunge forward, keep on walking until you reach the end where there’s no promises but everything feels fine, the way everything, before promises, is supposed to be.