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Would someone swim across the Pacific Ocean just to get to me? Would someone jump in front of a bullet to save my life? Would someone climb up Mount Everest just so he can shout at the highest peak of the tallest mountain on Earth how much I mean to him? Would someone go through so much trouble just to make me feel how loved I am? All these things are too much to ask for but I guess all the I am wondering at is whether or not someone thinks I am worth all the fuss.

I think just about every girl wishes for that someone who’ll stand up for her no matter what; someone who’ll be with her through everything; someone who’ll be there for her; someone who won’t just support her but will also battle with her; someone who’ll make her feel that she’s more important than all the other choices she said no to; simply someone who’ll make her feel that she’s worth all the trouble.

Maybe sometimes all we’re asking for from that someone is to make us feel as if we’re the best thing that ever happened to them. Maybe we mask this one thing we’re fervently asking for with all the petty things we think we need more because deep inside we’re scared that no one might actually be able to make us feel the way we want them to make us feel; that we’re worth every hardship and hurt.
All we would ever need to ask for is that one person who’ll see right through us and will never cease to tell us how much we mean to them and how willing they are to go up spiky mountains with us as we are willing to do pretty much the same for them. Basically that someone who will let us be ourselves but will still make us feel as if we’re the dearest thing he ever had, someone who will hold our hand and never let us go. 

One day ladies, one day…