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So, I'm back! Not for a long time though. I just wanted to update this tiny space because it felt like ages since I last posted something "bloggable", not that this post would be sensible. I just missed.... blogging (oha, blogger na blogger! Hahahaha). College is eating me whole! Endless requirements, quizzes, assignments; with school, friends, blogging, and rest, 24 hrs. can never be enough! But I know I will get through this adjusting phase, tiwala lang! I've been meaning to blog about something deep and straight from the heart about the "confusion" I am feeling but I cannot find the right and proper words to express it, whenever I try to type something I just end up deleting it and just sigh because it seems so un-explainable, I feel so unsure of everything!! It's midterms week and I'm trying to be serious in studying but it's just so difficult to concentrate! After this "hell week", I'm hoping to be back on track. I can't wait to get this space up and running again!! 

I leave you with my zonked-out-cartoonized face for now. xx

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