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And just when I have exhausted all the possibilities, I found you.

You see, I have grown tired of it, of hearts and flowers as Christian Grey would put it. I willed to push it out of my system because it feels so absurd, being hurt for the same reason twice how stupid can I get? I surrendered in finding the right one and succumbed to just being alone. Surrounding myself with friends and my family, those people that I know loves me the way I love them. But you know life, it sure has a way of surprising us. And to top it off, love came into the picture and made it even more bewildering.

I told myself that I am through with all these bullshit and that once and for all, I am not falling for the wrong person, ever again. But being the stubborn girl that I am, I still did. Not that you're wrong but I just don't know yet. This feels right but I can't will myself to let loose. It's like there's a voice from within me that tells me to hold back, to cage what I am feeling in this overwhelming facade that as time passes by, I cannot seem to have control over. It's so confusing and amusing at the same time. This isn't the first time but it feels so new, it feels so brand new. It's like I'm tasting a dish for the first time and I want to savor the sight before digging in.
I am having an overwhelming wave of emotions that I cannot put what I am feeling at the exact moment into words. What has college done to me? What have you done to me? I cannot hope for this feeling to stop because a part of me doesn't want this to end, so all I can wish for is for this to turn out okay. For whatever would be the best, I am all for it because in this moment, I figured out that you're my more.

Forgive my incapability to express my thoughts, I have just finished taking my final exams and well, sabaw.

[UPDATE 6/11/2015: Nope. He wasn't the right person, still. HAHAHA.]