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Oh where have the times gone baby? Who would've thought I'd survive my first sem ever in college, but here I am, alive and breathing and counting days towards her second semester. WOW. College is an all-new experience for me. Can you believe it? I've had five months experiencing loads of firsts! Here's a bulleted run down:
  • First time waking up at 9am on a school day because my first class (which is English) starts at 1:30PM . Can you believe it? During that time in high school, I'd probably be eating during Economics class. B
  • First time having a class (P.E) end at 5PM. Was the LRT 2 ever packed that day!! It was such a shock because, well, I never had to line up just to be able to get home. But then our P.E prof changed our schedule and moved our classes to 10:30AM, early but still late. Ano daw?
  • First time having a wash day basically because during high school, you wear your uniform every single school day.
  • First time having to call lady teachers "ma'am" because I was just so used to calling them "ms." but now, the former just comes naturally. I got used to it, yay!
  • First time indulging on fastfood 24/6 (lol, we only get Sundays off). We alternate eating at McDo, KFC, Mang Inasal, Golden Dimsum, Rice Toppings, and Chowking.
  • First time having long breaks and free cuts. I enjoy free cuts because it allows us to go to Robinson's Magnolia and eat at BonChon. Hahahaha!
  • First time actually doing P.E and it's just so sad that I can't just skip it because I will fail. Boo.
Oh, there are just so many firsts! What made my first semester memorable is the Freshmen Integration Week. It was just so tiring and challenging and it really tested us to our wits! But all's well that ends well, now we're officially part of the Bedan community! Yay!! Our course's org (PSSBC) General Assembly at the Ronac Art Center also made it memorable. It felt good to be with other psychology majors. Midterm and final exams are also nerve-wrecking, studying as if our lives are depended on it. Not that I studied to death, you know me, I just flipped through my notes and hey, I survived! Okay, fine, I'll change my ways.

That's all for now, I'm just so happy I survived a semester. Final grades are to be released starting tomorrow. I hope to get at least a 3.00 in algebra because it is that difficult!! Good grades, please. 

I hope you had a great weekend, I did!