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I live for strawberries, sour and cream, french fries, stuffed crust pizzas, pastel colors, bubblegum-flavored ice cream, aztec prints, floral wallpapers, lasagna, chocolate mousse, pink matte lipsticks (girly!!), ice cold drinks, Bailey's, comedy films, teenage novels, cheeseburgers and anything white. But that's the shallow (with lack of a better term) part of me. What do I live for, really?

I live for love. Cheesy, I know, but who doesn't? Who doesn't, at one point or another, live a life without wishing to find that someone that would make them feel like they're the happiest person on earth, like they're cared for and treasured, like they are deeply loved which, I think at that time (or maybe they really are and I'm just so bitter, lol), is true. We all live for love as we hope to find that one person which we can give all our love to and have them love us as we love them. Of course living for love isn't just about having to find love in our significant other, it's also about finding it in our family, our friends, even in the society. Everyday we take for granted the love we receive from our family thinking that it's already a given but it really isn't. Having a family to go home to at the end of the day, from school, work, or wherever you've been, is already something as some kids, or in some cases even the elderly, have been abandoned by their parents and/or families leaving them with no choice but to sleep on the sidewalks without any shelter at all. Having no boyfriend or a huge group of friends doesn't mean you are not loved because you are, some people just have a different (maybe even weird) way of showing that they do. And being the romantic person (weh) that I am, there's no point in denying (or explaining further) that I live for love. I also live for happiness. Isn't it obvious that everybody else does? Who doesn't want to be happy? Even pessimists wants to be happy. They think negatively because that makes them happy that's their way of holding on to that tiny drop of happiness they have left. All our lives none of us ever wanted to be sad, none of us ever wanted to be down the rocky, dark patch of life. I guess that's why we live for it, for happiness. Lastly, I live for my dreams. Ever since I have been asked of what my dream is, I started living for it. I worked hard in school, striven for better grades, and inched my way to what I think I was born to do. Every single day of my life I have lived for my dreams and never, not even once, died on it. We live wishing to be loved, to be happy and that's why we live for our dreams. Because all we wished for is what we have been hoping for.

I live for a lot of things, not just for love, happiness, and my dreams. Every minute I live for something. It changes but not a second passes by without me living for anything. We all do. So, what do you live for?