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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg I am making a tutorial for a refrigerator cake that a 7 year old can actually do on his own. What has gotten in my mind to do a "tutorial", I don't have an idea. All I know is that I have to post something. So here goes nothing

You need:
2 packs of Graham crackers
2 Nestle All Purpose Cream
1 Alaska Condensed
2 ripe mangoes
A ladle, a bowl, and a rectangular container

It's really easy. As easy as counting from 1 to 3 that I do not even know why I am making this blog post right now. But whatever.

Steps: (P.S. I'm gonna be yappin' about senseless shenanigans here and there so bear with it!!)

1) Slice up the mangoes into thin strips. Don't dice it like I did! My mother rolled her eyes at me when she saw how I cut up the mangoes. lol sorry mom
2) Mix the Alaska Condensed Milk and Nestle All Purpose Creams in a bowl and mix them well. (Hahahahaha I sound like a chef!!) Oh, you may use different brands but I'm giving Alaska and Nestle some free endorsement since lol~
3) Line up the Graham crackers in the rectangular container. Actually you can use different shapes but I'm too lazy and impatient. It goes like this
Graham Crackers
Alaska + Nestle Mix
Graham Crackers
Alaska + Nestle Mix
(Repeat process until satisfied, lol, until you filled the container already)

Finished product!!

Since there is a piece of Graham cracker left, I crushed it and sprinkled it on top with my diced mangoes. Guma-garnish!!

And then you put it in the fridge (duh, that's why it's called a refrigerator cake, I'm so obvious hayy) for idk how many minutes or hours. Maybe just until it softens up, like soft enough to slice up. Kept poking it with a knife to see if I can eat it already!!

Your kitchen counter must look like this!! lol joke I'm so corny

Remember not to put too much Alaska + Nestle mix on each layer or it would be too sweet and your crackers would soon be swimming in a sticky pool. 

And there you go. My first ever attempt to a tutorial and it's so senseless. Hahahahaha! Let's make Graham cakes whole-year-round! Have you learned something from me? I hope so!! xx (lol, I am laughing so hard with this shenanigan hahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

[UPDATE 6/11/2015: I still laugh out loud whenever I come across this blog post!!!]