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Believe me when I tell you that I just had the most challenging five months of my life (yet). Second semester in college should be included in the definition of hell. But that's coming from a college freshman and will probably still be subjected to more hell months but still. Too many buts. That second semester tested me to my wit's ends. My brain honestly ran out of juices. Imagine a thesis, a review of a literature, and a sort of thesis (we hypothesized, conducted a survey and did inferential statistics) in one month. With all the deadlines and requirements that seemed to fall in week, it seemed impossible to get everything done on time. I have never cried about school work before, but I did. Too much pressure, not good. But looking back, I guess it was all worth it. I mean, look, I made it through. I fucking survived freshman year!! Like wooohoooo!! Yes, it is worth celebrating and being happy about because that was a mental, emotional and financial torture all together!! And, ha! I'm now on my way to being a sophomore!! 6 more semesters and I'd have a degree in psychology and 15 more years 'til I become a neurosurgeon. Wow. Another decade of my life studying, some fun. But I guess that's the price I have to pay. I wanted to become a doctor (a spazzin' neurosurgeon), I have to sacrifice a decade and a half. I just wish I can fast forward to med school and skip psychology but that seems impossible. Have to go through pre med first!!
Anyway, enough of the drama about how stressful the past month had been. It's summer!!!!! I can now make love to my bed all day all night and no school work can stop me!! For two months. Had a pre-finals sesh at Drew's and got pretty wasted. No, I am not proud of it but it felt pretty good because we're finally through with the hassles of NSTP. And at that time, I was through with my oral presentation for ENG02. And we're pretty much just in the zone to celebrate. It was a pretty wild night and it's all just full of fun. It was also the first night my mom had to pick me up because my friends just can't find a way to get me home because I am too zonked to stay awake. Man, it felt good not to be scolded for my shenanigans and that mom was too calm about it. Too calm I can cry. At least she already knows that I drink. After finals we were supposed to head over Drew's again because, duh, finals are over and we're freeeeeee!! But then most of them bailed and it left the 5 of us to finish a freakin' tower. Hahahahahaha. And just this week, we went to Tagaytay and just chilled for a day!!! Can't elaborate. Too much too tell my brain's bursting, some other time perhaps.
I am just so happy, this blog just needs to preserve it.