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This semester has been, by far, the most challenging 5 months in my life. 2nd semester in college is way, way different than my 1st: challenging subjects, demanding professors, and a much difficult battle with procrastination and laziness. Though filled with stress, it still taught me a great deal. It made me realize that
  • Living away from home is not as fun as I thought it would be. Sure, I'm free from my parent's (especially my mom's) watchful eyes but heck, they're right when they said nothing beats being home. It made me realize that I can't live on fastfood. There came a time (the month of February, I think) that I despised eating at McDonald's because I've been eating chicken fillets for one whole week for breakfast and dinner. I MISSED REAL FOOD.
  • I cannot not drink coffee forever. I have only started my love affair with coffee when I was pulling an all-nighter to finish our research paper for ENG02. That was epic. I started working on our paper at about 9pm and finished it at 4:30am the next day. I literally just took a nap before going to school. Felt kind of good though, being able to sacrifice something for the love of Edna! HAHAHA.
  • Washing machines are user-friendly. Hindi pala nangangain ng bobo. I have only learned how to use a washing machine because the used clothes I bring home with me for ate Tess to wash is being far too heavy! Decided to just leave my house clothes in our unit and wash it when I come back. Thanks to Roizza, Claire, and ate Clyde, I was able to pull it off. Winner!
  • Karma is real. With all the kickbacks I got from my parents, I cannot believe how broke I am right now. Literally. I can't believe how I drained my wallet!!
  • Have new friends but remember to keep your old ones. I've been saying this over and over but I can't believe how blessed I am to have the best set of college friends. I thought I would be a friendless loser but look at me now, having the time of my life through the storm (lol). But no matter how happy I am with them, I still look back and hang and chill and live like there's not tomorrow with the people before them, my best high school buddies. I'm one lucky girl, I have the best of both worlds.
  • Know what you want and go for it. It's time I know my priorities and set them straight.
  • Who you are is all you need to be. No pretense, no facades. Just you. I look geeky and weird but I still found people who accepts me for it. I sometimes act less than a human being and I am not the best person to be with but my friends are still there. I am all who I should be. No more, no less.
I realized a lot, and this is all for now. One more week 'til finals and then........ SUMMER!! I can't wait. We deserve to rest!!!