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Life is a big mystery. We never know what's going to happen next. You never know what tomorrow holds and what it brings. It's a big puzzle, the toughest jigsaw puzzle you will ever solve. Thing is, you are the jigsaw puzzle and the people around you are the pieces that, when placed correctly, completes who you are or, when it went astray, break you. But then, life is not only a jigsaw puzzle. It is a lot of things. So many things that can be interpreted profoundly. And though interpreted in the dictionary can never be given meaning as to what it really means for it varies to each and every human being. As for me? Life is a battle, a cliff, and a big decision.
Life is a battle for everyday you wake up for something, someone, or even just for yourself. Bottom line is, you go through everyday battling for something. It's confusing though, that when you think you've found the reason for your existence, you still wake up the next day trying to find what you live for. I, for one, thinks that I battle everyday to be a doctor. Waking up early and staying up late to study (which is often 70% breaks and 30% studying), that's the battle I think I am trying to win. But I'm wondering if it would be thoroughly fulfilling as I am imagining it would be when I finally become a neurosurgeon. I stop and think if being a doctor is all I am for, if it is what I was born for, to be. Not that I am doubting I can be a doctor and that I will be doctor (but tbh, I sometimes do) but, will my life only revolve around it and nothing else will exist? It's as if, is that the only thing I fight for? Growing up, I figured it's not. Everyday, I fight to live, to dream, to achieve, and to be who I am. I realized I am not limited to only one battle, I can go through countless havoc and no one can stop me. Because I think that's what life is. To wake up everyday and go through the warfare we call life.
But life is a big cliff and a decision at the same time. Though given with gazillion choices, we only have to take one of every pair and that's what makes it a cliff. Because even with a vision as to why we took a certain choice, we still do not have an idea what actually happens after it and like a cliff, what lies underneath which could either be a fluffy mattress or a cold excruciatingly hard bottom.
(And sometimes life tends to make you lazy causing you not to finish this piece with a flourish).