5:58 AM Pia San Felipe 0 Comments

This is one of those moments that I needed you most. That I needed someone to lean on to, to rant to, to cry to, to be the outlet of all the stress and frustration building up inside me. You're that someone I need, at this moment of my being, to listen to me. To comfort me, to tell me that everything will be alright even though it isn't going to be, but still.  I wanted you here, even just for a little while. Just for me to know that I'm not alone, that someone's there, that you're here, keeping me together. But you're not, I do not know where you are but you're clearly not here. At the time I needed you most, you cannot be found, you're missing. A part of me says it's okay but the rest of me feels deserted. You said you'd always be here for me but it turns out you're often, if not always, gone. I am like a barren land and you're the oasis I needed to make me feel alive again, but maybe you're not it. Maybe a rain will come that would be better. But I must stop looking forward to the future because that won't get you here. Because maybe you don't want to be.