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I just love how outgoing my family is! A few days back, I received a call from my aunt (from mom's side) asking me to ask mom to confirm the driver. And I was like, where are we going? Turns out it was just a spur of the moment plan. We left at midnight and went to Batangas to pick some of our cousins up. The original plan was to go to Anilao but due to lack of proper planning, we ended up in Laiya which turned out to be a loooooong drive from Anilao!! I have to say, Batangas is huge! On a sulky note, I am pretty sure I will make a bad travel blogger. I forgot the name of the place we stayed in and the island we were dropped off to when we went boating. Well, I'll just let the photos speak for the beauty we saw. Seriously, if we have any of these in Rizal or Manila, I'd be the happiest and relaxed girl, ever.

So we went boating, right? That's one of the views that we got to see. Took my breath away.

Cousins!! Kuya BJ, Ate Jelai, Jeanne and Jaira not in the photo though and Kuya Van isn't looking. Hahahaha!

Of course, the obligatory "I am riding a boat!!" photo.

Ate Jelai, my cousin that I am closest to. Almost like a sister, ka-wavelength!!

Aaaaaand meet my sibs, Linus and Ate Chay.

Clear water is clear. Seriously, it's really beautiful. Duh me, isn't it obvious.

A very madrama photo!

And then there's Ate Hannah, another ka-wavelength cousin.

I can cry because of how blue the water is. It's not an everyday sight for me, you guys.

Again, I just have to stress how clear the water is. 

This island is super virgin pa!! Mas virgin pa sa coconut oil!

And that wraps up this short "blog" of our impromptu getaway to Laiya, Batangas. (Disclaimer: All photos are © Jelai Sisante, it may not be reproduced and/or used without prior notice to the owner.)