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Yup, I am using a John Green novel for a title because an "Ideal Guy" title for a blogpost about your ideal guy is just so.....plain. Anyway, my ideal guy changes over time, I guess it depends on your maturity. As a kid my ideal guy is Prince Charming, though thinking about it now, I don't know what I ever found in a Prince Charming to think of him as ideal. Castles, white horses, gowns, tiaras and servants? Only Kate Middleton had that kind of luck and hello, I live in the Philippines and I'm too far away from Prince Harry. And then the grade school me, thought of her ideal guy as someone who would buy her flowers and chocolates and teddy bears during Valentine's Day and would dance with her during the Post Valentine Party. Yes, I am that romantic at a very young age. LOL. During high school the ideal guy is someone who would take me to Paris. Which would be next to impossible because we're still high school students and not even 18 yet and would not be allowed to travel abroad without a legal guardian. So that was what the shallow teeny-weeny me thought of as the ideal guy. Now as a coming-of-age girl, naks, I have a new ideal guy and I'm pretty sure it is what I am going looking for in a dude if it's for the long run. Here goes....
  • He knows that no matter how independent I may seem, I still need that extra TLC; that I still need someone to tell me to take care of myself, to start being healthy, to remember not to trip while walking and/or running. To simply just remind me that yes, someone is going to care for me.
  • He knows how I do not want to be clingy; that I want to let him be himself, that I don't want to strangle him and such. It may seem like I don't care about him but he knows that I just don't want to suffocate him.
  • He knows my kind of being sweet. Sometimes I would go on a total bitch mode and when he's completely frustrated, I would make it up to him. It does sound wrong and off the hook but hey, that's how I tell my guy he's special and my ideal guy would know it. He would know that I'm making lambing when I punch him playfully, when I mess with his hair and when I give him the evil eyeball.
  • He knows that I am not much of a talker. Most of the time we'd have to talk I would mostly just keep quiet not because I don't like talking to him or that he is not interesting or that he's boring but because I feel comfortable sharing the silence with him and he would know that. And he may talk my ears off but he knows that I am listening. And while he is ranting, I may not have anything to say to him but he knows I can always give him a hug or a kiss, whichever works best.
  • He knows my incapacity to function in the kitchen but he would know I am willing to help him prepare the ingredients; that he can count on me to chop and slice, to mix, to season, to stir, anything that does not require opening the stove. He would let me watch him cook and taste his dish before adding the final touches to it. He would tell me to learn how to cook but will not push me to it because I'll go on telling him how I can just bake for him instead.
  • He knows how unhealthy my lifestyle is. Thus, him planning work-out dates so he can make sure I'm doing my part to be in proper shape.
  • He knows how scared I am of believing that someone would actually want me, to be with me because of all that happened in the past and because he knows it, he won't get tired of proving to me every day that his love for me is genuine, that it is as true and real as it could get.
My ideal guy would know who I truly am simply because he makes an effort to do so. He may ask my friends, my family, people I talk to, go through my Facebook and Twitter timeline, look at my photos, and most especially listening to what I am saying and even going the extra mile to read between the lines. He would know my deepest and darkest secrets and my flaws and my wrong decisions and would still love me for it because he knows there's so much more to me than those. He's going to see right through me and he's going to be everything I would ever need in a guy. Yup, he's going to be all that would be right for me and that would make him, I guess, perfect.

[UPDATE 6/11/2015: Seriously Tim, this is you! Wow. Hahaha.]