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Look for the guy who will love you and your flaws. He's going to see through your clumsiness, your forgetfulness, and you sometimes zoning out on conversations. He's going to look beyond your imperfections and see who you really are and in the process, love your flaws too. He's going to love your entirety, what can be seen on the outside and what lies beneath. He's going to see the real you because he accepts you for being less than perfect.

Look for the guy who respects you and your boundaries. He accepts what you can and cannot for him, with him. He's not going to rush it because he's going to be in it, with you, for the long run and not just for the happy hours. He's going to be a gentleman because he knows every lady deserves to be respected. He's going to be there still even without the opening.

Look for the guy who knows your worth. He's going to value you because he knows what you've been through. He's going to make you feel that all the heartaches you've been through is worth it because he's going to love you endlessly. All the little things in you, he's going to find very lovable and will never let go of. He's going to be faithful and loyal because he knows that you will be faithful and loyal as well. He's going to make you feel like no one ever did before, that you're the only one and that you're enough for him and that he's never gonna let you go.

And you wouldn't want to let him go just the same because you know that after the long and winding journey, you've finally found the right guy for you.

[UPDATE 6/11/2015: I feel like I've found this person already (hi, Tim!). Thank you, universe.]