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I agreed to this kind of set up and I never asked for more than that. I never said, 'hey let's be something more than this'. I never demanded anything from you. I let you do your thing and you pretty much let me do mine primarily because that's how it's supposed to go, no rules, no anything. We're still free spirits. But you know what made me go cold towards you? What made me think that you're close to being the jerk I wasn't expecting you to be? It's because you never seemed to care. Sure you did for the first couple of weeks but that was all. As time went by, with each passing day, it feels as if you're slowly drifting away. Like the person you used to be has just vanished. 
I never asked for a relationship. All I ever wanted is to have someone to stick with me when everything sucked. I was expecting you to be there, to have the nerve to ask what's wrong, to listen to my rants and frustrations. I was expecting you to keep me from exploding into tiny particles but you weren't there. At the time I needed you most, you were gone. It just makes me think how you'll never give a damn.

I am so tired of this same old bullshit that I keep bringing myself into. I swear, you're the last one who is ever going to this to me. I have had enough. I'm through with you.