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Have you ever felt like the world has fallen upon you? Have you ever wanted to feel sad, like really really sad but you can't let yourself be because that would mean you're weak? Have you ever wanted to just tweet or rant about how forlorn you are but you held back because you'd come of as whiny and clingy and just plain dramatic? We all have, I guess. We've had those moments wherein instead of crumbling down a corner and cry, we chose to stand up and fight. And it's okay, noble, even, to be fighting when all you wanted to do is surrender. But sometimes succumbing to bleakness is just as noble. In a world where everyone's fighting a battle of their own, it's okay to stop for a moment after you've been hurt and be consumed with pain.

It's okay to stay up late at night thinking about what the both of you could have been if things just went right. It's okay to stare at the ceiling reminiscing your happy moments. It's okay to rummage through that box where you kept the little trinkets of your time together. It's okay to read your old conversations and feel that surge of nostalgia. It's okay to stop for a moment and look back and feel sad. It's okay to cry when you find out he cheated on you. It's okay to catch your breath because you've been crying too hard. It's okay to just want to melt into a tiny little puddle and just disappear. It's okay to suck yourself dry for crying too much. It's okay to look at the picture of the both of you together and feel your eyes well up. It's okay to look at your broken heart and clutch at the scattered pieces and break down. Over and over, it's okay to cry. It is never wrong to feel sad. Let yourself be depleted of happiness and devoured by melancholy. Let your tears fall, let it rain down from your eyes and pour on your shattered heart. Let yourself feel sad because you can never be okay again if you won't let yourself heal. And what process of healing won't include being strapped on a bed feeling helpless?

Never look down on people who brawl their eyes out, never underestimate their pain because when time comes and they've sucked the pain and hurt and anguish out of their system, they'll be stronger than what you ever thought they could possibly be. Because after all those sleepless nights and seeming endless days of moping around and being stuck in that tiny little corner of desolation, they'll wipe their tears, strip themselves of dejection and they'll surge with new found courage and promise that everything's going to be fine again, that they are going to be fine again. And they'll stand up there and fight for what they truly deserve. Because sometimes, being sad is a leap towards being happy. Again.