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i hate to admit this but i miss you. i miss talking to you 'til midnight. i miss your voice, the way you sing to me, those songs that just makes my heart melt every time. i miss the way you held my hand, the way you grab me by the waist. i miss your kiss. i miss the petty fights. i miss knowing that even though we're miles apart, you're still there. i miss that surge of happiness knowing i have you.
and that should be me in her place. if only i have exerted enough effort and let go of my fears. that should be me you're calling yours. that should be me who's calling you mine. that should be me you're planning your future with. that should be me you're fighting with. that should be me you're worried about in this kind of weather. it could have been you and me that you're referring to as 'us'. we could have been. it was possible but maybe, maybe we just didn't see the signs.
'we' were possible but you chose to make it happen with her. and i'm just so sorry i couldn't give you what she's given you. baby i could be anything you ask and more but you didn't give me the chance because you gave up. you gave up on me as i was just about to realize our possibilities. you didn't fight for me. and here i am trying not to miss you and wondering what could have been if we fought for what we could have been.