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Sometimes, we have to be with someone again to see if it's still worth another try, another shot because the both of you, what the both of you had used to be worth it. It used to be worth the 2-hour wait, the late night phone calls, the fights, it used to be all for something but now it seems as though all of it had been put to waste. I sometimes wonder what and where we would be right now if things just went right; if we just said the right things at the right time and made each other feel the way we should make each other feel. There are times when I would miss you and everything we used to do; impromptu movie dates, monthly pig out at Pizza Hut, commuting together. Sometimes I think about trying to give everything a shot. And I did, I tried, today but somehow, the spark just wasn't there anymore. What kept me happy being with you just weren't there anymore. Being with you a few hours ago just felt uncomfortable, as if the past few months has weighed down on us like a thick, solid fog that just wouldn't lift. We can't see eye to eye anymore. I wanted it to work, for me, for you, for the both of us but it just wouldn't. Destiny or fate or whatever you call it has just given up on us. And maybe you, like every other guy, have just given up on me. Because loving me is like loving a brick wall, you wish that your love would be enough for the both of us but it isn't because I have to do my part. But how can I do my part if my heart's not in it? You used to have my heart but you let some other guy take it away from you and you let him shatter it to pieces. Now here I am, putting it back together, contemplating whether or not I should ask for your help but decided to just fix it by myself. We used to be so good together, but then somehow, things stopped being fine and so did we. There's no turning back anymore. We should stop trying.