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Been so busy with school I rarely have time to really blog. Or maybe I'm just too sabaw for my own good? Anyway, since I've been blessed with free time and  I still refuse to do my 5-page reaction paper for Economics, I might as well just give this blog an update.

I got new frames! I just changed frames a year ago but I believe it's time I go totally hipster. HAHAHA. I kid, I think my new frames suits me well. My friends told me so!

Jumpin' around the field field trying to have a decent 'photo shoot'. Nah. Kat, Mica and I were just so bored that day that we decided to put the field to good use. Also, we were kind of lazy to go out of the school just yet so, yeah. (Photos are from Mica's phone)

The best friend had her debut last week! Our high school friends and her blockmates surprised her. Mehehehe. I was late, boo for having ECON1 that day, sorry Clarabanana! It feels so good to be reunited with our high school classmates again! It's been such a long time!!

My friends and I helped with the Integration Rites for the freshmen! HAHAHAHA. It felt soooooo good! But being Integrators doesn't mean we won't get dirty too, so after showering and changing clothes, Sophie, Gau, Jessie and Joseph went over to my place and chilled (well, we chilled and Joseph basically cleaned the unit because he can't stand seeing fallen hair all over the floor. Define O.C!!) before heading back to Beda to watch the Departmental Presentations. So proud of our psych freshmen, they were so good! Kahit na we didn't win.

Anyway, our academic org is going to have its annual General Assembly on Saturday and I'm still stressing over what I should wear. Theme is Vegas. Already ordered a gold sequinned skirt online and I'm going out tomorrow with my college friends to go look for a top! And maybe some other things too hihihi. Also, we're doing a music video for our Theology midterm project. I might (I repeat, might) post it here once its done! I hope the weather would cooperate and let us finish shooting within the week.

That's all for now, I guess? Will probs give this blog some more TLC once we're done with our midterm exam week which is in two weeks!! MUST. FOCUS.