7:06 AM Pia San Felipe 0 Comments

I have been feeling less and less than myself lately. It's as if I am slowly losing touch with the person I was before. I don't even know if I'm making any sense but I am not liking who I am becoming. Is it just me or is it because of the weather, I don't know. I refuse to believe that I am having a bad day, most especially a bad life, it must be because I am surrounded with the wrong people. Maybe it's not that I do not like who I am becoming, it's more of I am not used to being with this person. I guess change does that to people. A lot would say do not mind what other people think of you and you'll be fine and I agree with them. I would give anything to not give a shit about someone's opinion of me. I am my own person and that's fine, enough even. Life is not about pleasing other people, it is about pleasing yourself so long as you do not step on another's happiness. Living is about being the best person you could be and finding people who would accept you no matter who you turn out to be.
I guess that's the main point of our existence (or at the very least, mine), acceptance. The ability to accept who we are, who we want to be and who we could be and in the same manner, having people to accept you for all your capabilities and defects. I may have found those people or I may have not. As I have said, I feel like I am surrounded with the wrong people. But then maybe I'm not and I'm just thinking so wrong of myself. But we'll never know and I don't know when I'll find out.