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I'm turning eighteen in, aacckk, three months! Can you believe it? I only have three months left before I can be put to jail for all the shenanigans I'm trying to do (and could be possibly doing heehee, shhhh). For a girl, her debut is an important event. It's a turning point for us, from a girl to a lady. And yup, I am gonna be a lady weeks from now. Zzzz. I'm getting stressed and pressured for what I should do for my eighteenth birthday! I asked my parents regarding my options if I'm not having a party and they answered me with an out of the country trip but I'm going ALONE. THAT'S JUST SO LONELY, DADDY! So, since I turn eighteen only once, I'm gravitating towards having a party at my grandparents' place (where my sisters had theirs). I have a lot of planning to do!
  • THEME. I am currently in love with everything indie. So, I'm planning to give my party a Coachella vibe. Chill songs, white lights, lanterns, cool colors, that sounds just appealing to me.
  • INVITES. This is the biggest stress of all. I have a copy of the design that I want but I'm worried it won't turn out the way I want it to be. I want to design my own invitation but heck, I'm too un-artistic for my own sake.
  • OUTFIT. I don't know what to wear. HAHAHAHA.
  • WHERE MY BLOCKMATES WOULD SLEEP. If they would decide to stay the night.
  • PROGRAM. Ano ba'ng gusto ko mangyari.
  • And I'm still not so sure if I really want to have a party.
And that's where my birthday planning rant ends. Now, some update in bullets (I believe that bullets are a blessing for lazy bloggers like me):
  • Midterm week is over! I just got my midterm grade in Chemistry back and OMG I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON EVER. I PASSED! AH, THANK YOU GOD. THANK YOU!! Still waiting for my grades in my other majors: experimental psychology, developmental psychology and psychology of personality.
  • I'm getting fatter and fatter each passing second. I eat way too much for my own good. :(
  • I can feel a 5.00 in P.E! Badminton is not for the uncoordinated which means it isn't for me! </3
  • Swamped with school work again.
  • I'm slowly regaining my old self back. Yay!
That's all. I shall now make a birthday wishlist. HAHAHAHA. Oh by the way, I think Ian Somerhalder will nail Christian Grey better. They need to re-think their casting!! That's just me, though.