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I haven't experienced stress until this semester, and I mean stress. A stress-free week is so rare that it doesn't feel normal to not be stressed. It was so stressful that I mentioned the word stress more than 3 times in less that 3 sentences. We had 3 major subjects, Developmental Psychology (PSYCH02), Theories of Personality (PSYCH03) and Experimental Psychology (PSYCH04). I'm kind of regretting that I got psyched to study PSYCH04 because that subject was the root of all stress. We were given two major papers to work on! One for midterm and one for our final term. I regret not taking Psychological Statistics (PSYCH01) seriously, I thought it was just a subject that I need to pass, heck, had I known I would have to use it every year I would have spent more time studying it. Anyway, this semester was also very trying or may I say, our professors were very trying. They really know what they're teaching and it's just so difficult to meet their expectations. We also had Chemistry this sem and I never thought I could actually memorize the whole content of the periodic table and I mean whole. Our professor got us to memorize the cations and anions which I barely remembered during our final exam. But Chem Lab was fine, I liked wearing a lab coat. Hahaha!
We did a cosplay for our final exam in Speech Communications!
This semester is also bittersweet because we'll be reshuffled next semester. It breaks my heart to know I won't be spending the whole of college with these people, I am already so attached and I have adjusted well that I do not know if I would ever be able to be as close to my new blockmates as I have been with them. We've been through so much already, so much. But there's nothing we can do now, hoping for Taco Bell friendly breaks so we can still see each other!

Stayed at a house in Taytay, Rizal for a sem-ender overnight! One of the best moments I've had with them.

Sigh. Why must all good things come to an end?