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A month ago I did a shoot with my cousin for her photography project. It was spur of the moment and it was good timing that I recently bought clothes because if I didn't, I wouldn't have anything to wear. Anyway, it was my first (kind of) decent photoshoot that I had and man, ang hirap maging model. To all the professional models out there, hands down. It's so exhausting (especially for my cousin's part hahaha) but it was fun and seeing how the photos she took turned out, I guess it was worth going up a mountain to get these shots taken.

Everything from Greenhills, Casio watch

There you have it, the queen of the bikers. #corny

Don't you just love hippie fashion? I do! It's so chill, so laid back like my life. HAHAHA. Oh, sem break, finally!! Won't be back in school 'til November 11, woohoo! For the complete set, go here.
[Disclaimer: All photos owned by Jelai Sisante]