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Lately, I've been flaking from my friends' invites. It's either the weather suddenly turns bad or my parents suddenly won't let me or something comes up which I can't compromise or negotiate with. I feel like such a rotten friend for not sticking to my word, I've always despised people not keeping their promise and look at me, turning into a person I didn't want to be. It feels awful. I want to be out there, to be young and carefree and happy with my friends (my family makes me happy too, of course, but it's a different and inexplicable kind of happy when with friends). I want to be able to say yes to an invitation and not have to back out the last minute but I don't control fate, I actually can't control anything. There are some things I wish to say but can't because what's the point. With the frequency of how much I flake, more often than I think my friends find me unbelievable. Sometimes because of how often I let my friends down I feel like when time comes they'd be the one to let me down, you know, just to get even but I don't want to dwell on the thought.
So, to my high school and college friends, I know I've been less than a good friend when it comes to going out and I'm sorry for that. If could go, I really would. One day, I'm gonna make up for all the gatherings I've flaked on. I shall put that in my bucket list.