THIS 2014...

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Because I am such a cliche person and I have nothing to blog (or is too lazy to blog about what I'be been up to lately), I shall post my New Year's resolution with hope that I might actually get to fit into my routine at least one from the list.

1.) Find a study routine that fits me. I've been a bad student lately that I lost track of my goal, I was being too lazy and relaxed with school that I forgot I have a grade to meet if I want to get myself into a good med school. I shall find and device a routine to get me back on track especially that our midterm exams are fast approaching.
2.) Start exercising. I've been feeling like a whale lately and the sight of my bulging stomach is too bothering for me to bear. I have downloaded work out apps on my phone but I haven't started any of it. I shall start once the festivities are over. Or maybe when my stupid period cramps are gone. Ugh. I hate being a girl during this time of the month!
3.) Have a better outlook in life. I think I am starting to be a pessimist and I don't think too much negative thoughts is good for me. I might be mistaking pessimism for being realistic and I must change that. I used to look at life on the bright side and growing up took that away from me. I shall get it back.
4.) Stop being lazy. Am I getting too fat or are my bones just being such a-holes that moving just an inch is too much for me.
5.) Save up. This has been in my previous resolutions but I never got around to save up for something that I really wanted. I guess this year I am going to save up for an Instax Mini 90 and I'm planning to have it before the school year ends. I should also save up for summer because I don't want to be broke for 2 months. 
6.) Sort out my priorities and be more responsible. Enough said.
7.) Grab the opportunities because they only knock once. Self, this is for your future so stop letting opportunities pass you by because you're a couch potato.
8.) Accept that things change and more often than not, they're for what's better if not best. I need not to say more.
9.) Be more patient with people especially with grumpy older ones. Lol, seriously.
10.) Learn to appreciate what I have. I should stop being a bratty bitch, yes? Oh.
11.) Start doing one good deed everyday. I will never know when I'm going to die, it's best to be prepared. Also, it's good for the soul. Amen, self. Amen.
12.) Read 50 books. It's actually my project last year but I only got around reading 10 so yeah. I need to start reading more books because my vocabulary and good grammar are slowly deteriorating. I started this this month and so far I've already read 5 books. 45 more to go!
13.) Learn how to drive and get a license. Since it's in my 21 things to do before I turn 21 list.
14.) Become a better version of myself. 2013 had been such a roller coaster ride for me and it affected my personality greatly. Idk if it made me nicer or worse but I'm going to try to be a better person this year. Wait, I am already going to claim it; I AM GOING TO BE A BETTER PERSON.
Aaaanndd that's it. The big finale. I might post something else, like a wrap up of this year if I'm in the mood. Oops, there goes my resolution number 4! Happy holidays!!