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We lose people because someone better will come along to take their place. Not that they've been of no significance but because they no longer fit their role in our lives. We lose people because they can no longer love us the way we wanted to be loved, because they cannot love us any more than they already do, especially because the love they're giving us isn't the love we need. We lose people because we cannot settle for less than what we deserve. We cannot spend years with someone and end up marrying them just because we're afraid to grow old alone because that would make us unhappy, that would give us a feeling that we could've done better but we settled for what is just okay. We lose people because we feel like they no longer want to be a part of our life. In the same manner that we cannot force ourselves to be with someone, we also cannot force someone to be with us just so we could be happy, they also cannot settle for less than what they deserve. We lose people so we can realize how better off we are without them. Some people are like anchors, they cling to us and weigh us down, we need to cut ourselves away from people who does nothing for our wellbeing, we need to let go of people who does nothing but make us sad or unhappy or less than ourselves. We lose people because they make us forget who we are, and in the process lose touch with ourselves. They're like this huge sponge that absorbs us and embeds us into them that it suffocates us, we lose them because to grow together does not mean to grow into each other; we lose them because it's unhealthy. We lose people because they fail to appreciate our worth, they fail to see how lucky or blessed they are to be given the trust to hold someone's heart knowing that they can break it with just a snap. We lose people because they broke our heart and they shattered it into tiny and seemingly irreparable pieces. We lose people because they're not meant to stay in our lives anymore, they can no longer be a part of us because it will wound us more to the extent that we cannot repaired anymore.
We lose people and we ask ourselves why, we retrace our steps to find out where we went wrong and when we can't accept the reason, we deem it irrational. People come and go in our lives and sometimes some people leave a mark making us sad for days on end. They leave footprints that the water from our eyes can't wash away. But we have to realize that we lost them because (as clichè as it may seem) someone better is going to take their place. Someone who will love us as much as we love them, someone who will appreciate us more, someone who will fight for us, someone who will catch us if and when we fall for them and someone who will live by his words, someone who means what he says. We lose people because we're meant to realize that there are bigger plans for us with people who will make us realize that it is better that we lost some people before.