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It was an exhausting day. That twenty-minute work out really did it. I feel like puking all the water I drank to keep myself hydrated. How can seven minutes feel like an eternity. I was wondering if I could ever really lose the pounds I gained over the years (okay, over my first two years in college) and the love handles that seem to mock me whenever I slouch or my thighs that justifies my non-existent thigh gap. I was so close to passing up a circuit today because I have a series to finish (aka How I Met Your Mother) and a book to indulge in (How They Met, and Other Stories) which makes me smirk at myself a little because they're both stories of how people met and fell in love. It reminds me though of how I met him. Actually, it's kind of in between does and doesn't. Unlike the characters in the series I'm watching and the book I'm reading, how we met was fairly simple. We were blockmates. No, it wasn't love at first sight. Or at second sight. Or at any sight at all. For me, he was just there. Not non-existent or someone I would rather not acknowledge the presence of but he's just there (I couldn't emphasize this enough, I fear I'm not making sense anymore), we're merely coexisting. We were always three seats apart because most professors like arranging their freshmen class in alphabetical order. I remember exchanging a few sentences with him when one day I was late for a class because I pulled an all-nighter for a paper and I sat beside him because as luck would have it, our professor was absent. So we talked, about how our past relationships went wrong and, wait that's all I remember (I have such a bad memory). Then I asked you who you liked in our class, I even swore I won't tell anyone. You said you liked me. I laughed and asked you who you seriously liked. You still said it was me. And my brain went like, woah dude seriously? And we moved on to another topic (I think). You see how normal that was and because how we met was so normal, nobody ever thought we'd actually be a thing. Neither of us did. It just happened. I would tell more about this story but I'm in my comfiest pair of boxers and my freshest albeit tattered white shirt so I'm gonna leave it at that for now. I got my earphones waiting for me and a book ready to be read. I think I should write more because it's summer and I've got nothing to do. Maybe next time I'll write about how my day went in extreme detail. Or maybe I'll hit the road with my bestfriends and head to nowhere in particular. Which reminds me of how he asked me if I want to go on a trip with him and his friends. I'm all for it but sometimes I'm scared of other people (and by other I mean people I haven't spent at least a year with). But I do, want to go I mean. Maybe. I'm having such a bad case of wanderlust and I can't do anything about it because I am yet to learn how to drive. So we'll see where this summer takes me. I hope it's somewhere good.