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So a few days back, my family and I went on an overnight trip to Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon. It was a 4hr ride from Rizal to Quezon and because we left early, nope, not a single traffic jam.

That was taken at Seawall, in front of my sister's friend's house. Imagine waking up to this view, ah. From Mauban port, we had to take a 45min boat ride to get to Cagbalete, it's the only way to get there. Although it was a bit of a hassle to get a boat because you have to wait for like 3hrs for the next one (we missed the first boat) and renting a private one is too costly but, well we didn't have much of a choice as we have to get to the island to make the most out of our time as we have to leave the next morning.

Beautiful, right? It has white sand written all over!! I can't remember the name of the place we stayed at but we slept in a tent because there weren't any room left for us. NOT A SINGLE ONE.

ALSO, the water is crystal clear!!! It's also very shallow because low tide.

Hello, family! And yup, drinks by the beach; life.

I could see the sun rise that way, every day.

A 3kg squid!!! Its googly eyes are cute. I refused to take a picture with it though because it might be too heavy for my life.

A panoramic view of the beach. Also, the lowest of the low tides. We had to walk for some time to get to the boat because the water is still too shallow! It's awesome though. I don't have much words for this trip because it was too stressful! On our boat ride home, the waves we're kinda (lol, i don't know how to put it into words) strong and right in the middle of the freaking ocean, our boat's left katig snapped! I think my heart literally skipped a beat on that one. Our bangkero had to dive right after and thank God for his attentiveness and will power. It took him 15mins or so to get it back together and after two years, I prayed the whole rosary again. 

It has just occured to me that my latest out of town trips consisted of near disaster experiences. It is an adventure-filled summer. I'm off to Tagaytay and Laguna with my college friends next week and I'm hoping for a stress-free and safe trip but just as fun-filled as my last two!