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Do we ever really know why we love someone? Does the universe give us a tap on the shoulder to let us know that that is why you love her? Or does the world stop in that exact moment for you to marvel on the reason as to why you love him? Or maybe, we just know that we do. We look at a person and our heart just kind of went, "damn, i love this person". And maybe sometimes they're staring dreamily into space and you'll realize that you love that person because of the way they zone out. We love someone in a multiple of ways with multiple reasons. I know because I have.

I've never been the hardcore rock kind of girl, neither am I the kind of girl that breathes musicals. I like my music laid back; somewhere in between RnB, pop, jazz, and reggae. Lazy and upbeat songs are my thing. And this is why I love you: because you get how I like my music the way some people get how someone takes their coffee. Every chance you get, you give me songs to listen to with a thought that I might like them, and because you know my taste, I end up liking them. Falling into its rhythm, making me skip instead of walk.

Cheesy people makes me want to gag. They make me want to roll my eyes 360 degrees. Couples holding hands in public makes me want to walk between them just because I am a grinch. I used to be a grinch. And this is why I love you: because you made me stop being a grinch towards cheesy people by being cheesy to me. It's probably because you know (or feel) that deep down, I just need a little cheese in my life. Although, you didn't just give me a slice. You gave me a bloke of it turning me into a cheeseball myself.

One random day I craved for bacon and pancakes. And then a cheeseburger a few hours after. And finally, pizza. And this is why I love you: because you pigged out with me the whole day. We had pancakes for breakfast, burger for lunch and pizza for dinner (although I ended up ordering a salad and it was pasta for you). It was the best date you've taken me on (or the best date I've had) because food and Frozen.
Some days I would be a bitch. I would hate the universe for no apparent reason (sup, PMS) and I would channel the hate towards you. I would be cold without any warning. I would be moody as hell. And this is why I love you: because you know that PMS is as much of a bitch as I am. You wouldn't get mad at me being annoyed at everything (as long as I tell you that I'm PMS-ing). In fact, you would even try to annoy me more. And although you sometimes stumble, you're somehow managing to course through my mood swings like a semi-pro.

I have a lot of insecurities. Some of it are bigger than I would ever care to admit. And there are days when I would be so overwhelmed with my insecurities that I would doubt you, question you, and be unsure of myself. And this is why I love you: because during those days, you never fail to make me feel better. You never fail to assure me. Most especially, you make me feel loved more than ever.
Your faith in the love you have for me is unfailing. And that is why I love you. Because after everything, all the fights, the arguments, the doubts, and misunderstandings, you're still there, loving me the way I think I deserve to be loved. And I know in my heart that I love you too. We can't see through the future but with what we have now, maybe we'll make it through. And I have a lot of reasons for loving you and I also have a lot of ways of showing you that I do.

The universe tapped me on the shoulder and it seems as though the world had stopped and I look at you being your usual self and my heart kind of went, "damn, i love this person," and in that moment, I knew I did.