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"Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans."
And so for 2015, my resolution is to not make any resolution. 2014 has been a good year, generally.

January: I went to the gym for the first time EVER. It was a good experience, I had a trainer who won't let me not finish my 50 reps of squats and won't let me cheat on an hour of treadmill. But in the end, of course, I quit. What can I do? Mom cooked sinigang!

February: Also for the first time EVER, i went out on a date for Valentine's. Although we went out on the 13th because I have a dinner with my friends on the 14th because tradition. I know, wow. It doesn't feel different because the fatty and I go get to have our weekly Fridates but it actually felt nice to have someone to celebrate it with.

March: Made my OWN newspaper. Not really a big news but I was proud of it. Really really proud.

April: I actually had a productive summer because I worked for dad in his project so yeah for the first time, I actually earned the money he was giving me. Hahaha!

May: Very adventurous month!!! Went on a spontaneous trip to Baler with four of my college friends (we were supposed to go to South but things happened). Went on a trip to Cagbalete with the family which was challenging and s c a r y. Tested my faith, still there.

June: Went on a trip to Tagaytay with my high school friends before facing the horror that is school. Adjustment period as I have a totally new set of blockmates. I only knew like 20% so it was a challenge.

July: Research prof dumped a huge requirement on us. Two months into the AY and I already felt like giving up.

August: The challenge continues.

September: Still struggling to get my shit together.

October: The devil was on our side as more shit (aka paperwork) were dumped on us for finals. I swear I was a walking ball of stress then. My family barely saw me take my eyes and hands off the laptop, moreover sleep.

November: Went to my first rave party! And for the first time ever, attended the Mendiola party. Also turned 19 and it didn't feel any different than being 18. Except for the stronger need to learn how to drive.

December: This month has been so chill! 'nuff said.

Hoping for an even awesome-er 2015!!