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(Because I'm such a lazy chunk of meat, I am doing this nine days into the new year)

The past year has been pretty smooth sailing. I managed to finish my second year in college and finish the first semester of a new one. I also managed not to get my parents be mad at me for more than a day. And lastly, I managed not to wreck my relationship with the fatty, I still can't believe it's been over a year now! So I generally managed 2014, I get to do the things I was supposed to do. But no matter how trouble-free it was, I believe it is not the best one yet. Being only in my teens, I still have a lot of things that I want to do and experience; places I want to go to, food I want to try, adventures I want to take, pictures to upload on my Instagram (lol), cultures I want to experience, basically a life waiting to be lived by me.

The past year taught me a lot of things and the best was that I should not let other people define me. I do not need other people to validate the things I do, moreover, myself. It has taught me that no matter how weird or shallow or extravagant or crazy my ideas are, I shouldn't be afraid to do it just because other people wouldn't approve; my happiness matters to me more than that of others'. While that may seem selfish, I have also learned that I have a lot more than most children and families in Africa does; I realized that I can never be truly happy with wanting more material things. I look at everything I have and still feel less than happy because deep down I know that to have a good time with people that matters to me is much better than toting the latest phone around. I have also learned that you can feel so alone despite the world having seven billion people in it but that I shouldn't wallow in self pity because I should learn how to enjoy my own company. It has taught me that I should not let myself be pushed around especially by people who aren't any better than I am just so I could make them feel better about themselves. 2014 has taught me that people are generally annoying (myself included) but I should not let them get to me because I'm better off minding my own business. And most importantly, that it's okay to lose people especially when all they ever did was make you feel bad about yourself.

2015 is going to be the year that I listen to myself but not give in to my every want. This is the year that I will just do things (so much like Nike's ad campaign), the year that I grab every opportunity that comes my way, and the year that I get to be a step closer to who I envisioned myself to become one day. This is the year that I will take not just a half-step but a full step closer to my goals and dreams.