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I started blogging when I was in second year high school and it lasted up until my fourth year. I went from Tumblr to Wordpress and finally, Blogger. Tumblr has been so good to me, it helped me be a better writer and it became such a good avenue for my thoughts and rants. But because I wanted to take my blog seriously, I tried to move to WordPress but it was too complicated for the 17-year old me. I came across Blogger and thought why not give it a go, it looked pretty easy to navigate through and there were a lot of cute themes! With a new platform and coming fresh from a heartbreak, I started to write again. Then college came and I was consumed by it, that was when my on and off affair with blogging started (lolzzz~). Enough with my blogging history and on to what this post is all about. I don't read that much blogs anymore (especially when I got my iPhone) but there are blogs that I check up on every now and then. These blogs, no matter how much my tastes have changed, will always be under my radar; people whose blog posts I will always read. Here we go...

I've always liked Saab's blog because it involves books. It's pretty much all in one too because there's music, events, tv shows, even snippets from her life. I think it was actually her blogged that introduced me to Blogger. All in all, I find her very relatable because she's not all about glamour given her being a Magalona.
Visit her blog for: books, music, and events

I initially followed Helga's blog because of its aesthetic. I mean, her blog always looked neat and it just keeps getting better and better. But that's just a plus because what really drew me in was her writing style. Her posts are very light to read but still sensible. She doesn't have to travel somewhere far or dress up to the nines for her blog to be fun because she's witty. It was from her blog that I learned about stock photos and fonts and such.
Visit her blog for: blogging tips, DIYs, hair tips, witty entries 

For my dress up needs, Camille's blog is my go-to site especially for formal dress inspirations. It was from her that I learned that black, blue, and white go well together because of her outfit from when she was doing a campaign for Mango as their It Girl. I also liked her blog because she really takes the time to reply to her followers which is what saved me when I needed to come up with an outfit for a Vegas themed event, she told me what color/design/print I should wear!
Visit her blog for: fashion, and travel

I've been following Kisty ever since I was on Tumblr. Her photos are to die for, very Tumblr and Pinterest worthy! And then there's her pastel colored hair (I especially liked her teal hair). But I follow her mainly for her travel entries. When she got in for the Big Blog Exchange, I was like woah, to be sponsored to go abroad, that is the dream.
Visit her blog for: travel

The ultimate DIY blog! From accessories to home decors to furniture to food, her blog has it! She really got me amazed by her DIY skills when she turned a boring black dress into a very chic LBD that is to die for!
Visit her blog for: DIY

There you have it! I also like checking up on Jenni Epperson's blog for home decorating tips and Olympia Contopidis for fresh and youthful outfits since she's somehow in my age bracket (I can't believe it!! She looks so awesome and I look like a potato and we're almost the same age!). What are your favorite blogs?