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It's been half a year already and I have a lot of decisions to make and it's not something I've always liked to do. I hate choosing because I hate having to regret something. Yes, I'm immature like that. But no matter how much I hate having to decide for myself, it's something I cannot escape from. Being an adult sucks. Here are the things I have to decide on before the year ends! (Plus some things that I've been up to lately)

A laptop brand and/or model. This is crucial for me because I will be doing my thesis this year and I have to choose something that would let me type and research and install stat analyzing programs. I am torn between MacBook (Air or Pro) and Asus (UX303 or UX305). I like Apple products (please don't judge) because of how sleek it looks and because I find it easy to use. I also like its iMovie feature which I know will be useful to me especially for my subjects that require video documentaries. But I have doubts with how compatible it would be with SPSS (psychology majors know what it is) and/or other programs (like MS Office!) that I'd need for my thesis. So I'm now leaning towards Asus UX305 because it is as light as a MacBook Air (kinda looks like it too, lol) but much more fit for the things I have to finish this year. So yes, the only thing stopping me from getting a Mac is thesis (boo!).

What I should do for my birthday. I know, I know. My birthday is five months away but I feel like I should decide on what I should do so I'd know what to save up for. I want to do something different, that's for sure. I'm tired of the usual lunch/dinner out with people (although I do enjoy that), so I'm thinking of traveling since we'll be on our semestral break then. I just have to decide if I'm going to push through with Singapore or switch it up with Batanes. BUT, airfare to Batanes is crazy expensive!! If I could find a promo fare for the latter, I might go with it and postpone SG for summer next year. Daming plano sa buhay.

A thesis topic. My whole year would revolve around thesis so much so that I think it would plague me even during holiday breaks to the point that I could not enjoy Christmas anymore. I have a lot of ideas for this because I've been thinking about it since third year but time, financial and material limitations are making it difficult for me to choose. I hope I decide on something before summer ends!

I did decide on something. I  f i n a l l y  quit Twitter!! It's such a huge achievement for me because I feel like I've been depending on Twitter too much (aka I rant too much). It's been two weeks now it it actually feels so good to not rant about every little thing. It's also becoming too toxic for me because lol, too much self-righteous tweeters. The only thing I miss about it are the school announcements and lightning fast news but oh well, I have faith in Facebook.  

Some updates: I've been dieting and working out for two months now and I'm happy that it's paying off because my family (especially mommy!) and friends are noticing the subtle changes. Thanks! I'm still pushing through my 50 Books challenge. I doubt I could reach 50 but who knows, right? I made new friends too, wow. And the dude still hasn't given up on or left me (not that I want that or am waiting for it to happen!!!). It's a pretty stable summer.

It's been six months but I'm still scared of what this year has in store for me. It's my last year in college (hopefully) and I can already feel the pressure of OJT, thesis, NMAT, and getting the right grades. I've never been this anxious of something school related. The school year hasn't even started yet but I'm already starting to get stressed out by all the things I have to do and finish within ten months! It's really crazy. It feels as though it was only yesterday that I was this clueless and excited freshman, now I'm an incoming senior! I've learned so much and I am yet to learn more. Despite the anxiousness and nervousness, I am excited by the things I am to experience: work at NCMH (finally applying the things that I've ~learned~) and some place else for the industrial setting; conduct a thorough study of something in my field of interest; and go places that I saved up for to go to. I guess I just have to look at the bright side of things and know that I can do it. Here's to a challenging year that I hope (and will try and will do everything) to get through! How's your year so far?