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He makes your heart skip a beat. Your stomach does triple somersaults whenever you sense him in your peripheries. The butterflies start to flutter wildly at the first sight of him. Your insides tie itself in knots when you hear his voice. It feels as if something's kicking wildly in your stomach just by smelling his perfume. In his presence, you can never think straight sometimes making you stutter or unusually clumsy. It's as if your motor skills keep on failing to make you act like the lady that you are. He makes you feel as though you always have to be better than other girls because it does seem like you have a lot to compete with as though you are in a never ending contest to win just even a speck of his attention. You try and try to impress him as much as you can so that he'd look at you for even just a minute. This is not the guy you should end up with.

You will want to have his eyes on you longer than he does with others. You will have bad days and you would, as much as possible, not want to put up with any kind of shit especially when it has something to do with competing for attention. You will want to feel that you're the only person who gets that kind of affectionate treatment from him. You will want to be the only one. You will want to feel secure in the position you have in his life. You will want to feel contentment and you will want him to feel the same. You will wish and wish, and want and want because he is not the guy you should end up with. Butterflies, somersaults, wild kicks, and uncoordinated movements are not enough. Nothing will ever be enough with him, you will end up just settling with what little he gives you.

The person whose hands make you feel like no one and nothing can ever hurt you; whose presence eases and steadies your breathing; whose voice calms your anxious nerves; whose arms feel like your favorite blanket; and whose smell makes you feel like you're home, this is who you should end up with. He will make you feel that you are better than other girls because that is the way he sees you. You won't have to worry about impressing him because you always do - everything that you do interests him. He never looks at other girls the same way he looks at you - full of love and admiration. You won't have to put up a competition with other girls because he makes you feel and lets you know that no other person stands a chance. He makes you feel special because you are to him. You would feel like you're the only girl in the world because you are in his. You won't have to wish and want anymore because he makes you feel contented - because he makes you feel secure about where you stand in his life. No more questioning, no more doubts.

To this person that I now have in my life, thank you for making me feel all these. Thank you for making me a better person not because I think there are a lot of girls I should be better than but because you make me feel like I can be more than who I used to be. Thank you for having the hands I can always hold when I feel nervous; for being the pill that calms me; for always having the right and appropriate words to soothe my nerves; and for making me feel like I'm home. Thank you for the assurance and for never making me feel as though I am not and can never be good enough for you. You're bringing out the best in me and I can only hope that I do the same with you. We can't always be sure what tomorrow has in store for us, we can never tell what would happen when the sun begins to set and when it rises, we're filled with uncertainty but you're one of the few constants in my life. Nothing is definite but please stick around for much, much longer.