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The world was supposed to end on 2012. That year was both an end and a beginning. It marked my graduation from high school and my venture to college. It's been three years and I'm down to my last. I have learned a lot but I wish I did something more.

I am now on my final year in college (as I have been repeatedly saying in my past few blog posts) and it makes me wish for the following:

1. I wish I tried to find a student organization that I am passionate about and joined.
Each year my school holds a College Organization Recruitment Week where each organization has booth that aims to inform students about what they do and what their members can expect upon joining. An each year, I just found it as a way to be excused from wearing our uniform. I wish I joined The Bedan, our school's official student publication, as a writer; or Bedan Volunteers, those who organize relief drives after typhoons and such; or the San Beda Debate Society since I like to argue with people; or maybe even submitted an application form to be part of the Psychology Society of San Beda College's executive board. I wish I did because now, I have no extracurricular activities to write in my resume. I especially need at least one for medical school application. I have overlooked how they would take that into consideration.

2. I wish I grabbed every opportunity given to me.
I. E. I wish I took the time to read Facebook announcements. There was this one offer just this year from my school that they are to send students abroad for a conference. I missed the deadline. I read the announcement A DAY after the deadline of application submission. I missed a HUGE opportunity just because I disregard Facebook group notifications. That when asked if anyone would be willing to go to a seminar, I wish I said yes immediately instead of being a chicken just because none of my friends are going.

3. I wish I updated myself more when it comes to medical seminars open to all students (both undergraduate and graduate).
'Nuff said. Because I would have learned more about the field and what I am getting myself into. Included here is me wishing that I've gone to some medical schools' open house so I can get the glimpse and feel of it.

4. I wish I wasn't so damn apathetic.
I was so stupid to think that my academic grades could do it alone. I though I can make it through just being in the Dean's List. I thought maybe it would be sufficient if I graduated as, at the very least, a cum laude. BUT NO, I forgot that being involved with the community matters just as much. I also forgot that no matter how consistent my no-tres grades are, I am still mediocre (below mediocre, even) as I have a lot to compete with -- that there are a lot who are smarter and more involved than I am. Not to mention, a lot who has the connections. I wish I gave a fuck.

These are one of the biggest regrets in my (college) life. I hope one of the medical schools I've been eyeing would give me a chance despite the lack of extracurricular activities because if they'd accept me, I swear I won't be an apathetic freshman.


  1. I too, have regrets about my high school career, as I wished my circumstances were different, but they weren't. Oh well, as long as you don't dwell on the past, then you should be okay.

    1. I hope so! I mean I still wish that I could somehow turn back time and tried to do more but I'm making up for the things I didn't do and I think that should do it. :)