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It really is the season to be jolly as Christmas draws nearer and nearer. October through January are my favorite months because of how people seem to always be in a good mood throughout -- they tend to look and feel happier and/or lighter, the weather gets much colder than usual (gives me time to put the unreasonable amount of jackets and sweaters I own to use), and everyone becomes more generous! 

Since we're on the topic of generosity, I think I need to be generous to myself too. LOL. I've been working myself really hard at school. Way harder than I used to and I'm not used to it but I'm getting by. And because of that, I believe that I deserve to treat myself to/with something. I've been putting off buying clothes, shoes, bags, and watches not only because I'm trying to sustain my bank account but also because it's going to be my reward for myself when I finish the semester which also coincides with my birth month and near Christmas! Here are some things I would like to get for myself...

1. Blazers. I'm starting with my OJT in an industrial setting next semester and I would very much like to look like I've got it together even though I would most probably be shaking inside. It's also going to be very useful for when I want people to take me seriously.
2. Watch. Fun fact: I haven't bought a watch for myself. Ever. I can't believe that for someone who never leaves her house without a watch and is not comfortable without wearing one, I haven't bought one for myself. All my watches are gifts from my parents and friends.
3. Tops. I keep on running out of tops to wear mostly because my mindset is that I will eventually cover it up with a sweater anyway or that I have a school uniform so I don't have to buy anything (yet). While it is saving my wallet, I have only just realized how only a few of those that I own matches my current taste (or age).
4. Shoes. Simply because good shoes are believed to take you to good places and I want to go to good places.

I would include a plane ticket to somewhere but that's too much and I really plan to save up for it myself. Yup, adulting. Growing up is scary but when you see how much you've learned, it makes you feel fulfilled. For instance, I am now more aware of how much my parents are investing on my education, on me, to become who I wanted to be. I have also narrowed down my circle, I've realized that I don't need to be friends with people I cannot relate with. I find it difficult to invest feelings on people which is why the people I am close to are the people I hold really dear to my heart. And because they matter to me, a lot, they deserve to receive even just a little something from me.

I am not a huge gift giver but when I do give a gift, I make sure that the people I give them to would really use them which is why most of friends received a pair of shoes at some point in their life at one of their birthdays. I find great joy in giving someone something they like and know that they would used it. For instance, I would give my dad a pair of shoes because his work requires him to be on the field. I would also give my sister a pair because she doesn't buy a new one unless she outwears that pair and I'm starting to feel sorry for her sandals. LOL. I'd buy cooking stuff for my mom because she loves cooking and is really really good at it. And I would buy my brother books because he likes to read (like me) and I would like for him to invest on reading more than his video games. I would also buy something for our helper because she's the best (although she can be really moody at times) and I'd get her a bag because she doesn't leave the house without one. For my friends, well their tastes vary but as I've said, it's going to be something they like and is useful. I think that's the most important of all, for your gifts to not go to waste being just stashed in the attic, a drawer, a closet, or a box.

I did mention generosity, right? I think I read somewhere that there has been a study regarding people's attitude during the Christmas season, they tend to give more to others. And I would think the same of myself too. Because the very core of the holiday is giving, a person has a tendency to look back on his/her life providing an opportunity for the person to see how much more he has compared to others especially so because a lot of people in our country are living below the poverty line. This Christmas I plan to give back to others too. I'm very passionate about volunteering and is on the look out for an organization where I can see myself being useful to and whose cause I strongly support, as well. I am yet to hear from those that I've sent an e-mail to but that won't and shouldn't stop me from sharing, right? One most common way of doing that is to give alms, or in this case, noche buena packages. During Christmas, children expect to receive a gift from their parents, be it a tiny doll or a rickety toy car -- you can see in their eyes how happy they are. But for children living in the streets or for those who doesn't have any parents, they get nothing.

Which is why it makes me so happy that SM has thought of their SM Christmas Bears of Joy! Can you imagine that for only 200PHP you can make a child happy? Here's how it works: you pay 200PHP for two (2) bears, one you can keep for yourself (or your child, nice/nephew, or godchild) and the other will be given through the SM Cares Program to children from various orphanages and charitable institutions. Awesome, right? It's such a simple act but you get to make someone happy. It's a heartwarming experience.

So there goes my holiday gift list and ideas! I'm really glad that I live near and SM Mall so I can get started on my Christmas shopping without the hassle of horrendous traffic! 74 days until Christmas, let the Christmas shopping begin and may the odds be ever in your favor. Don't worry, it will be because there would surely be holiday sales!

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