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Another semester came and went, and it is by far the most exhausting and challenging of the past six I had. I know that the next semester, my last semester as an undergraduate, would be much more challenging than this but maybe it wouldn't. Who knows? I am just so glad that this semester is soooo over. I really have no words except for nakakapagod talaga. Now I'm just waiting for my final grades to appear on my module. It better be worth it!

I honestly don't know what to feel. I feel anxious and nervous but I also feel excited. It feels like I'm finally finally going to be able to really achieve something. It feels like I'm finally headed somewhere. It's so different from graduating from high school in the sense that, everything that I do in college is a do or die situation. A single choice will decide my future. And I want my future to be good.

But you know, that past three years that I've been in college is the most fun that I've had. I was in a place that my high school self can't even imagine. It was also very educational, as it should be. Although, it didn't just teach me academic stuff, in a way, it taught me how to deal with life, with myself. I would expound on that but nah, I'll just save that for another post. Maybe when I'm really done with college?

I really have nothing to say anymore as I'm drained. I just finished translating scales that I'm going to use for my thesis to Tagalog. Also just had my lost ATM card cancelled (hassle when it got lost 2 weeks ago!!), replacement should come next week. And just got passed on from one office hotline to another by DSWD. Hay. I just needed a list! Anyway, they finally told me that I should just call next week because there aren't much people in their office because APEC holiday.

Off to re-watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.! Hope you guys will have a good weekend. Wish me luck on my grades and my exam result tomorrow! (And that I'd publish a substantial post soon, lol)