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Finally joining Helga's link up because I'm still out of ideas and words for a substantial blog post and also because I think this week's pretty good!

It was a productive week!

1. My friend's and I had lunch at UP Town and Silantro's Burrito is the bomb! It's the best that I've ever had, yet. I want more. Maybe next week?

2. Being able to finish what I had to finish thesis-wise.

3. Finally getting my lazy butt to get my lost ATM Card cancelled. It was such a hassle when it got lost!

4. Getting accepted in St. Luke's QC as an intern!

5. Scoring a brand new bag at 65% off and I wasn't expecting it at all! I was just with my parents looking around and voila, there it is!

6. Of course, sem break! It felt so good to wake up and not worry about a quiz or a recitation. It also feels good (or not) that it's going to last until next week.

7. My final grades have been good, so far! It was a tough semester and I'm just so happy that I didn't fail any subject. Still waiting for my final grade in Rizal though.

8. Finally getting my measurements taken for my graduation pictorial creative shot!

9. So, finally deciding on a creative shot look. I decided to be an equestrienne at the last minute which is why my mom got so annoyed at me because she already bought some of the cloth I was supposed to use when I told her I wanted to have a Paolo Sebastian inspired gown.

10. Staying in and being a couch potato today. This is the life.

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