365/365: A 2015 WRAP UP

10:47 PM Pia San Felipe 0 Comments

This year has been a very challenging one. An extreme roller coaster ride that would go up and would suddenly drop me down so low. It would feel like everything is going so well and I would just get surprised that it somehow didn't. Mixed emotions, things falling short of what I expected, feeling like I've hit rock bottom, 2015 had all of it in for me. But despite that, I have learned a lot and for that I am very thankful.

I have learned that when you want something, it wouldn't hurt to work really hard for it; that when someone matters to you, it's okay to show them how you feel; that when the going gets rough you gotta toughen it up and face it head on; that there are things we can't escape because sooner or later we have to face them; that when you want to do something, you shouldn't put it off because when you think you finally have enough courage for it, it might be too late to make a difference; that wanting to excel at something isn't so bad -- be a go getter, be an over achiever, be more than who you think you could be; that I shouldn't let other people validate my existence; that it's fun being by myself sometimes; that I don't need a whole battalion of people beside me, a few but very good friends will go a long way; that there's no place like home; that acceptance is the key to almost everything; and most importantly, I have learned to not settle for less than what I deserve -- sure it might take longer to be who I really want to be but it's better than settling for something and then wonder what it could possibly have been had I waited it out and tried again.

More than anything, this year made me realize that I shouldn't be in a rush because great things take time. I wanted to be a someone and it will take time. The things that I have planned out for myself should be adaptable to the lemons life may throw at me. One day I will be a someone and to be that, I have to get out of my comfort zone and let my life begin.

The future will come, as it should, which is why we should always savor the present because it will soon be in the past. Here's to new beginnings and staying in the moment. Happy new year everyone!