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It was a very chill week.

1. Finally received a list of charities/organizations from DSWD that I need for my research. I waited for like 2 weeks and it finally came. Relief!

2. Found a company where I can render my 150 hours of industrial OJT! I had to let St. Luke's go because stuff happens.

3. Only two days of class for this week! Yesterday (Thursday) and tomorrow (Saturday). LOL.

4. Finished House, M.D. It was bittersweet, it was sad to watch it end. One of the best TV shows I have ever watched.

5. Received my iPad! It was very unexpected because I really didn't ask for it but it is very timely as I need it for my books in Human Anatomy and Physiology.

6. And pre-downloaded in it is Netflix! Lol. Best thing to ever happen to my couch potato self.

7. Still on a high from last week's birthday weekend. Tim drove me to Enchanted Kingdom as my last hurrah before leaving my teenager self. Bugged daddy to just give me money so my bank account won't be super empty, he agreed but I am yet to receive it.

8. Bought new bags at a cheap price! This H&M sling bag that I wanted to buy last year that I finally got and this Claire's rucksack that is very vintage. *hearts all over*

9. Having good professors for this semester. Except for Humanities!!! Why must the universe be cruel???

10. Knowing that I am to go home on Saturday. Getting sick of Manila.

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