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Christmas break is upon us.

1. Only had to go to school for one day!

2. Getting stupidly drunk on a Tuesday. I'm not proud of the mess I made but it's a weekday so I will forgive myself and consider it fun.

3. Watched an advanced screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens which was my birthday gift to Tim. It felt so good seeing him so happy and that I was part of it.

4. Got myself new shoes! And in my favorite color. <3

5. I managed not to drain my bank account this week.

6. Went to what I hope would be my last Paskong Bedista as a student and it was so much fun, at least my friends made it fun.

7. Did something crazy during the said night and it feels liberating.

8. Corresponded with a lot of charities for my thesis and one allowed me to collaborate with them. Such kind people. Still need a few more though but still!!!

9. Christmas break, of course!!

10. Knowing I will be staying home for the coming 2 weeks.

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