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Happy holidays!

1. Had a Christmas party with my high school friends! It was a spur of the moment plan but I'm so happy most of them came and complied with the dress code: sporty! LOL. #chosday on a Tuesday because none of us are really sporty.

2. Got an interview for a 5-star hotel for my industrial OJT but I had to turn it down because I won't graduate on time with their minimum required hours. LOL. I really wanted to push through with it but I have to be realistic.

3. My own customized burger from 8cuts! Sesame bun, house blend meat, lettuce, cheddar, and jalapeno ranch <3 The jalapeno ranch is the bomb!! Their nachos are pretty good too.

4. I now have enough money for Of Monsters and Men on May 12! But I'm still reluctant if I should buy the ticket or not already because I don't want to enter 2016 with my bank account and pockets drained.

5. My nail polish hasn't chipped off yet which is an achievement for me because it usually doesn't last for 24hrs on me.

6. Versace Bright Crystal smells divine! I got a tester and man, it's just the kind of perfume I need! Was bugging the bff to give me her bottle because I'm a cheapskate and I refuse to use my own money for it. LOL.

7. Meanwhile, I got my usual daily perfume as a gift. See? Why spend your money when other people would give stuff to you anyway. HAHAHA.

8. Noche buena. Need I say more? Food, food, and more foood.

9. Finally bought Afterlight after I subscribed myself to Globe's vitrual pay thingy.

10. 12/25 tradition with my cousins last night and it was so much fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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