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In today's generation it's not easy to miss out on anything which is why when you do it feels terrible. I know because I have missed out on events too and it really sucked because it's something that I've always wanted to go to but I found out only a day after it had already happened! UGH. Since then, I made it to a point to keep myself updated with everything that suits my interest. Let me share with you the ways in which I battle my FOMO...

1. Facebook. E v e r y t h i n g and e v e r y o n e seems to be on Facebook nowadays. Celebrities, bands, organizations, that social media platform has it all. Abuse the like button as much as you want because it's very helpful! Social news pages are very useful because they're very updated with concerts, events, and other whatnots. Liking your favorite band's page is also a good idea (also, why shouldn't you like your favorite band's page??) because it's where they mostly announce their tours. You just can't miss anything when you have a Facebook account.

2. Instagram. This platform isn't only for photo sharing. You can use it to score free tickets too! Follow social media influencers because more often than not, they give away free passes, even free stuff, to their followers. It's probably a one in a thousand chance but it never hurts to try, right?

3. E-mail. It may seem obsolete now and to be used only for formal correspondence but it's still just as useful. I have subscribed my e-mail to newsletters from my favorite brands to help keep me updated about their latest collections so I can get first dibs on the season's latest trends or be one of the first people to know about their promos or sale. It's really awesome!

4. It's also through e-mail that I learned about Eventbrite! It's an awesome website that allows you to search for events that suit your interest/s. All you have to do is enter your area and it finds an event for you. Pretty convenient, right? I just signed up for Angels Walk for Autism next year! Guess what? You can also create your own event with Eventbrite! Awesome, isn't it? Not only will you be updated with what's happening but other people can learn about yours too!

5. Stay in contact with your friends. This is probably one of the cheapest (yet most meaningful) way to be updated. Since you know each other well, you'll be sure that you're going to be invited to what suits your taste!

It used to be a struggle to be updated, but thanks to the technology gods it's now just as easy as counting to three! Can you share with me ways in which you keep yourself updated? Let me know, and happy holidays!