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I am finally done with college! And it kinda feels underwhelming. Maybe because I have bigger plans after this that I feel like this just isn't it yet. Nevertheless, it feels good because I have actually achieved something -- I am now a degree holder, and with honors too! As a young adult there are a lot of things that we are expected to be capable of doing: chores, driving, being able to run our own errands, being able to run errands for our parents, and most of all, being financially literate. As an impulsive buyer, I made it a resolution for myself that when I turn 20, I will try my very best to be financially responsible. It was tough but I'm slowly learning how to adult through it. 

Living away from home taught me how to be very careful with what I put in my shopping cart because I have to live on my allowance. It also taught me how to budget. Sometimes it would take me an hour and a had just to buy my toiletries because I had to weigh the pros and cons of two products -- like would this product cost me more in the long run or if the other one is just luxury. Another step in being financially responsible for me is opening my own bank account. I used to have another bank account that my dad opened for me but it ended up being frozen by my dad because I kept draining it to the point that I always withdrew the maintaining balance so daddy has to pay a fine. He closed that account because I was spending too much. A year after, last year, I finally had the courage and willpower to open my own account. I can now manage to not drain it. I am very proud of that. LOL. I am also very proud to say that I was able to save up enough money to buy myself a ticket to Hong Kong as my graduation present for myself! It feels so good! But saving up for it isn't easy. How did I do it, you ask? I kept track of all my expenses and from there, I saw the unnecessary stuff that I keep buying and eliminated them. Through that, I was able to deposit money to my account and it grew.

Now that I have just graduated, my parents and relatives, knowing my travel plans, gave me bucks to spend for my trip. And of course I have to keep track of how much my net worth is now (such a grown up term!!). Thankfully, I came across Personal Capital, a financial software that helps you keep track of your bank accounts and credit cards as well as helping you plan for the big ones like paying your student loans or buying yourself a new car. I've recently just started using it and it has already helped me see where I stand financially. Super useful, right? And it's free! You guys should try it out and let's adult together!

To the Class of 2016, this is only the beginning. There is so much ahead of us, the world is waiting for our taking. Let's go!