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With the release of my final grades is a realization that I am finally done with college. Four years, eight semesters, it has been such a roller coaster ride. I dreaded my first few weeks in college because I wanted to be back to what I was used to. I felt like I won't make any friends, but I did, slowly, surely. I thought I wouldn't make it through because of algebra but I did and with grades I didn't expect. I finally felt in sync with college -- its craziness and unending challenges. College is bizarre and it does make you want to shoot yourself but despite that, I learned more than I should, more than what my curriculum required, more than what college should have taught me -- I learned to live.

I never had an opinion on anything when I was younger maybe because I never really cared that much but college taught me how to. It has opened doors that I never even thought were there. I felt like a child finally learning how to walk because college made me learn to have my own opinion. It's the best thing college has ever taught me because I know now how to stand up for myself and how to fight for what I believe in. As such, college has also taught me how to be tolerable towards those whose beliefs differ from mine. Sure, it's annoying when someone sees something differently than you do but it served as an opportunity for me to practice not to force my beliefs down someone else's throat no matter how hard they're pushing theirs down mine. Not all people are close-minded idiots though because there are people who knows how to compromise and we just gotta thank the universe for them. College taught me to be myself, no matter how cliche that is it's still true. I learned how to ride the current but I now also know how to make my own ripple, if not a wave. I learned to stop seeing myself through the eyes of other people because college has taught me to love myself, what with the sappy ~heartbreaks~ I went through. I learned to be on my own, to be comfortable by myself, and how to be happy with myself first before allowing someone else to do it for/with me. I learned to trust myself and my capabilities, and I learned that to be great you have to take risks and grab every opportunity. I have had my share of regrets because college has taught me to stop being scared of failure because every great idea came from a difficult process. We don't get to be successful overnight -- it takes a lot of hardwork, maybe even a few failures but that shouldn't stop us from trying. Just as important is how college taught me how to have fun, it had taught me how to be carefree and that it's okay to be young and stupid once in a while. I've had drunken nights that resulted to bruises and scrapes that I still don't know where I got them from; reckless days that we'll go somewhere completely far off from where our parents thought we were; and nights (sometimes afternoons) that we laughed so hard and ate too much (my friends will get this, lol). 

College has allowed me to feel more comfortable with myself because I know myself better now. It allowed me to grow and become who I am today -- better, stronger, and much more determined. I feel ready to conquer what lies ahead. I'm about to graduate two weeks from now and I just have a few more words for everyone who doubted me...

There's nothing sweeter than looking at all of you who said that I can't, from above the stage achieving something you once told me I can't. This is for all of you.

For every idea you have frowned upon, it only fueled me to work harder towards it. It made me want to put it to action and make it come to life. You told me I can't, it only made me want to do it more. For every shake of your head when I'm speaking, it allowed me to go through my point with more conviction. You made me fight for my beliefs much stronger than ever. For every belittling words, every smirk, it gave me courage to finish what I have started.

You see, you are the reason for people's mediocrity. You stomp on their ideas, you spit on their brilliance, and you try to crumple their dreams. You made them scared of becoming who they can be. You robbed them of being a better, greater versions of themselves.

So this is for you. Every "no", every eye roll, every sarcastic smile, every "maybe but probably not", every "are you sure about that?", and every ounce of doubt you tried to put into my being -- I want to be a somebody and damn it, I will be.

Pia Loraine P. San Felipe
BS Psychology
Cum Laude
Batch 2016
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