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For years I have been dreaming of going to Coachella, the ultimate music festival for the hipster in me! And every year since I first heard of it (summer of 2010, if I remember correctly), I disappoint myself because 1) it's held in the other side of the world, and 2) I don't have enough funds! I was especially sad this year because their lineup is such a dream! Of Monsters and Men were there for god's sake! Lucky for me though, OMAM was set to visit Manila and I got to hear them live and I'm gonna tell you: THEY. WERE. AWESOME. It's been a week and I still have a post-concert hangover.

Poster made by TickPick for Future Something
I'm not a summer person, I will always prefer chilly -ber months than the unbearable heat that summer has to bring but what I will always look forward to about it, despite the heat, sweat, and more heat, is that summer is festival season! Man, what I would give to be able to organize my own music festival and choose my own lineup. That would be so awesome, right??? Good thing, the good people from TickPick asked me to create my own! I went nuts because even though it's a one in a million chance that I could actually make it happen, I'd get to have a personalized music fest poster made for me! My indie heart is rejoicing, it's so happy!!!!! Here's the artists that I would like to have for my Faux-chella.

Photo from: Playbuzz
Imagine Dragons is the first band that I loved because they were the first that I discovered on my own through 8tracks. I loved how upbeat their On Top of The World is, how catchy Demons is, and how chill Smoke and Mirrors is.

Photo from: Rockography
I first heard of OMAM when I was in my first year in college because my roommate kept playing Little Talks. I caught the fever and started to play it on my own eventually learning to love Dirty Paws, Lakehouse, Crystals, Human, and Blackwater along the way. Their latest album, Beneath the Skin, is what I love best. Probably because I heard them play the songs live but also because the beat and rhythm just made me want to jump and dance and sway. Total music festival material that they played at Coachella this year!

Photo from: Entertainment Wallpaper
I've only started listening to them last year and I feel ashamed because they're good! I especially loved Where The Sky Hangs because it's catchy and it really made me want to dance my ass off. And I don't even dance! I also liked Take A Walk, Lifted Up, All I Want, and Love Is Greed. I always feel like I could dance to their songs -- just what a music fest needs, dancing people!

Photo from: GirlsChannel
Tim was the one who introduced me to them so they would always be special. LOL. But why I wanted to listen to more of their songs was because Good Life was the first that I heard from them and I liked it right away because it was just so chill! I love chill songs and they really did it for me.

Photo from: Laurence Ourac
The band who gave us She Will Be Loved, This Time, Payphone, One More Night, Sunday Morning, and Sugar. WHO WOULDN'T LOVE THEM??? I'm pretty sure I would sing along to EVERY ONE of their songs, I need them in my music fest! Also, Adam Levine is such an eye candy. Plus points!!!

Photo from: Guided by the Sound
I think I've already established that I like bands that makes me want to dance and sway. And they do!!

Photo from: YouTube
We gotta have something to jump up and down to. Also, his Heroes is bomb.

Photo from: MmmmmGood
Because, Roses. Duh? Do I even need to say more?

Photo from: USA Today
Again, WE. NEED. TO. DANCE. Icona Pop will do just that, I know because the first time I heard I Love It, and All Night, I did.

Photo from: ThingLink
To wrap up the night or to make us feel the feels.

Photo from: Purveyr
The Ransom Collective is a Filipino band. I like the indie feels of their music!!! They actually played for Wanderland (what I would like to believe is the Filipino equivalent of Coachella) in 2015! You guys should listen to their Fools, Run, and Images.

There you have it, my Faux-chella made possible by TickPick! You guys should check their website out if you're looking for concert tickets, NFL tickets, and more! What's your dream festival line-up?