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We all have places that we want to be able to visit at some point in our lives. I'm pretty sure that if traveling is free, everyone would not be tied down, that we all get to live out our dream adventures right here and now. But it's not, so we have to settle for making travel bucket lists and wish to be able to save up enough to make them happen. Now, I am nowhere near being able to independently support my wanderlust because 1) I'm unemployed (I just graduated two months ago ok), and 2) med school costs a lot. So I'll just have to wait for my moment when I can travel my heart out (which is like still at least 7 years away).

Photo by: Benjamin Combs
New York. I don't know when I started dreaming about going to The Big Apple (perhaps when I read Ann M. Martin's "The Baby-Sitter Club: New York, New York"?) but whenever someone asks me where I want to go, this city is the first thing that pops into my mind. It maybe because I like fast-paced environments or that I just have a natural penchant for all things hipster. I really don't know. But what I know for sure is that one day, I would like to live there. If given a chance to do that after earning my M.D., I would take it in a heartbeat.

Photo by: Sarah Eskandarpour
I know everyone will agree with me that Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There's just so much to see! There's Athens and the Parthenon, Santorini and its whitewashed houses, and Zakynthos Island which I only heard of this month when I watched Descendants of the Sun (you guys seriously have to watch it, sooooo kilig!!). Those are just my top picks but I would probably devote three months to travel the whole country and see all the islands. It would make my heart cry with joy because I'm such a sucker for unusual landscapes.

Photo by: Hon Kim
Women from South Korea are so beautiful, they are goals. LOL. I never really had that much inkling to visit this country but really, when I watched DOTS and saw how cute Korean guys are, I immediately looked for flights going there. Honestly though, I was drawn to their people, they all look so young! Other than that, I really wanted to see Nami Island, Seoul, and Jeju for myself. My goal is to visit South Korea in the winter, I wanted my first snow experience to be there. I was actually planning to go this year but winter wear is just so expensive and I want to stay for two week or more! I have to prepare for it, so maybe in 2018? :P

Photo by: neko_star
My mom gave me serious Japan envy when she went there March of this year. She told me how beautiful it was and how much, if given a chance, she would bug dad to get them to retire there. She showed me the pictures she took and it really is beautiful. Of course I would opt for the cherry blossom season to go there because hello, who doesn't want to see pretty pink trees?? There's so much of Japan that I want to experience and see: Universal Studios Japan (hello Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!), Shibuya Crossing, Mt. Fuji, the castles, the California rolls (I'm not keen on sushi), pretty much just about everything! I really really hope we (my mom, sister, and cousin) get to push through with this trip next year.

Photo by: Camilla Bungaard
London's sophisticated vibe is what really lured me in. Next to New York, this is a city that I would also like to live in one day. There's the Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the Stonehenge, and of course, Big Ben. Now I pretty much want to travel the rest of Europe so I might as well just include them in this paragraph. If I could really afford to travel the whole of Europe I would! I think it's the best continent among all seven of them. I've already written Greece on my number two followed by London, but I would also like to go to France (of course), Amsterdam, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway (hello Aurora Borealis!), Iceland (OMAM's home country!), Scottland, Italy, Turkey (because hot airballoons in Cappadocia), and Prague. Someone just please give me a Eurotrip that would last for a year! (A year because I really want to immerse myself, not just take pictures. LOL.)

Photo by: David Maciejewski
New Zealand is beautiful. Whenever this country comes up the first word that pops up in my head is lush because of how much greenery there is in the pictures that I've seen. Aside from New York and London, this is another place that I would like to live in. I actually applied to one for their universities and I do hope that I get accepted because I would love for me to be able to move here. I loved their med school curriculum, really wish I'd get in. I don't know much about this country, really (except that it stood for Middle Earth in LOTR) but I'd really love to go and know about it more.

Photo by: bemystrength delobrino
Batanes is a northernmost province in the Philippines. It's really beautiful and so fresh that when I first saw pictures of its rolling hills, I thought it was from another country. It's such a shame that me, a Filipino, haven't set foot yet on this amazing place but I have my reasons. Actually, I only have one, the airfare is crazy expensive! It's understandable though because of its location, it is subject to frequent typhoons, only selected types of aircrafts (from PAL and Skyjet) can land on their airport. I guess it does good for the place too though, so it wouldn't be abused.

Now there you have it! The places that I want to visit before I bid goodbye to this earth (now that's quite gory, lol. I don't have a terminal illness ok). What are yours? :) 


  1. "Someone just please give me a Eurotrip that would last for a year! (A year because I really want to immerse myself, not just take pictures."
    I can't be more agree with you! And I think for me... I think, it's Morroco, New Zealand, the whole Europe and East Indonesia for now!