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A twenty year old someone who wishes to be somebody in the future. The world frustrates her and she rants endlessly and relentlessly about it. She's in that phase of her life wherein she's regretting she didn't take the chances when they were offered to her or that she was too apathetic to even care because had she taken that leap of faith, she would have known more and experienced a lot of things than the usual. Ironically though, her goal is to stop sulking over the things she could no longer change, to just let things be and do better the next time. And so, this year (as well as for the years to come) she promised herself to grab every opportunity no matter how bizarre it may seem or how outrageous it sounds.  She vows to stop letting other people define her, to stop seeking someone else for validation thus, she would let her weird, geeky self out in the open. It is who she is after all. She likes taking some time alone for herself because she finds it good for her well-being. Incidentally, she sometimes like isolating herself from people, even from her friends, just because she feels like it; to just exist and see how other people go on with their lives; to simply listen to their conversation and bask in its tone of emotions as raw as ever. She feels like there's a lot in store for her and she's hoping that she could just stop being so lazy. She's also bad at ending something she started, as with this about me section. Bye.

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