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Future Something has only been launched Summer of 2016 although the blogger, Pia San Felipe, has been blogging since December of 2009. She first started on Tumblr, rambling on about her day - what frustrated, amused, and caught her interest. Until now though, she still does that but with the inclusions of her plans for the future - career and travel. She admittedly does not have a huge following, she considers her family and friends as her primary audience but she has written for Eventbrite, Personal Capital, and TickPick on her blog as she has been contacted by their marketing officers.

Her blog, as she likes to believe, is underrated. She believes that it is yet to reach its full potential, and that it will, given that other people get to recognize it as well. Thus, Future Something is open for collaborations, sponsorships, and advertisements as long as she believes in the brand and finds it relevant to what her little niche is about: life as a young adult, travel, style, and how she can make a name for herself.

If you're interested, go shoot her an e-mail over at Looking forward to working with you!